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Annum 366 is a crypto token that offers you the opportunity to participate in the economic upside of the rapidly growing market for web3 decentralised finance applications. One year and one day after you purchase an Annum 366 token, you will receive 1.25 tokens back for every 1.0 Annum 366 token that you have purchased. Simply put, your Annum tokens will increase in value by 25% every year. That's why they are called Annum 366 tokens.

Click here to purchase one or more Annum tokens. Annum tokens can be purchased and paid for using USDT, the currency of the Ethereum smart chain. To find out more about purchasing Annum tokens, follow the steps set out in our HOW IT WORKS section below.

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For the last 18 months, the crypto market has been going through what has become known as a crypto winter. This means that the bull market, where prices go up, has been superseded by a bear market where the prices have gone down. The total value of the crypto currencies in circulation went down significantly over the course of 2022 but increased late in 2023, to approximately $1.7 trillion. With the recent announcement regarding the launch of Bitcoin ETFs, it is anticipated that the market will continue to grow in size and increase in value. You can check the current value of the major cryptocurrencies in circulation here:

Once you have agreed to our Terms & Conditions as set out below, you can purchase ANNUM 366 Token(s), up to a maximum of 10 ANNUM 366 Tokens, on our website at You will require Tether (USDT), a stablecoin currency that runs on the Ethereum network, to pay for your ANNUM 366 Token(s). Once you have purchased an ANNUM 366 Token(s), we require some time to increase the value of your ANNUM 366 Token. 366 days to be exact. After 366 days, your ANNUM 366 Token(s) will be available for redemption on the Ethereum smart chain, in the form of Tether.

ANNUM is a crypto Token smart contract that runs on the ERC-20 smart chain. ANNUM 366 tokens offer participants in the crypto eco-system the opportunity to put their crypto to work for them by providing upside participation in the exciting world of decentralised finance applications, price arbitrage and crypto products that run on Web 3. Web 3 is a decentralised network of computers that are not owned or controlled by any intermediaries, where all transactions are authenticated using smart contracts. These smart contracts ensure that your ANNUM 366 Tokens are managed in a transparent and secure way.

ANNUM 366 Tokens can be purchased by connecting your crypto wallet, such as MetaMask, to the Ethereum smart chain, and then using the Tether stablecoin to purchase ANNUM 366 Token(s). Each ANNUM 366 Token is equivalent in value to $1,000 and you may purchase up to a maximum of 10 ANNUM 366 Tokens. To transfer existing currency into Tether, you can click on the following link:

366 days after purchasing your ANNUM 366 Token(s), you can redeem them by clicking on the Redeem button on our website. To redeem your Tokens, first select the checkbox next to your Token, to see if your ANNUM Token(s) are ready for redemption. If the date has arrived to redeem your ANNUM 366 Token(s), click on the Claim button. This will activate the redemption process. You will be required to grant us various permissions in order to convert your ANNUM 366 Tokens back to Tether. Once the ANNUM 366 Tokens are converted back to Tether, you are free to use them in any way that you choose.

Because Web 3 offers almost total anonymity, scamming people is really easy. We don't expect you to trust us and we don’t want you to purchase ANNUM 366 Tokens using debt or crypto currency that you cannot afford to lose. The crypto currency and crypto token market is relatively new and there is very little formal regulation of crypto currencies. Because crypto currencies and crypto tokens are inherently risky, we recommend that you only use crypto currency that you can afford to lose when purchasing crypto tokens like ANNUM 366. We have developed a crypto token that we believe will consistently grow in value, resulting in more crypto owners trusting us with some of their crypto currencies. Clearly we cannot guarantee this growth, but, over time, you will learn to trust us, so give us the time to show you what we can do. To manage your risk and ours, we are limiting the number of ANNUM 366 Tokens that any single purchaser can buy, to a maximum of 10.

Patient investors like Warren Buffet have made fortunes in the stock market, over time. Speculators often make short term gains, which are proven not to be sustainable. Speculation brings volatility and risk, which often lead to losses. We have calculated that we need 366 days to meaningfully increase the value of your ANNUM 366 Tokens which is why ANNUM 366 tokens can only be redeemed after 366 days. We have been testing our platform and trading software for more than two years, and based on historical performance, we are comfortable that you will be able to see consistent and meaningful growth from your ANNUM 366 Token(s). Historical performance is of course no guarantee of future performance, but our historical performance has been very positive.

A stablecoin is a digital currency that is backed by hard assets such as fiat currency (cash), precious metals (gold) or another cryptocurrency. We use the Tether (USDT) stablecoin, that runs on the Ethereum network, as our chosen coin for the purchase and redemption of ANNUM 366 Tokens so that you know what the value of each ANNUM 366 Token is on redemption. Each USDT is backed by US Dollars or another acceptable asset, so one USDT can always be converted to one US Dollar. Find out more about Ethereum here: and about Tether here:

You are purchasing a digital token called ANNUM 366. Each ANNUM 366 Token is valued at one thousand USDT, the stablecoin issued on the Ethereum network. Your ANNUM 366 Tokens are issued and managed on the Ethereum Smart Chain via a smart contract that you can validate at any time. Your ANNUM 366 Token does not confer any rights on you, except as set out in the ANNUM 366 Token Terms and Conditions as published

We do not want any individual to control or manipulate the supply, or price of ANNUM 366 tokens, so we have limited the number of ANNUM 366 Tokens that can be purchased by any single person. You can buy up to 10 ANNUM 366 Tokens in total, either in one transaction, or in individual purchases.

ANNUM 366 Tokens are purchased and paid for using Tether, the stable coin currency that runs on the Ethereum Smart Chain. You can find out more about Ethereum here: Tether here: : Once you have sufficient Tether to pay for the number of ANNUM 366 Tokens that you wish to purchase, you can go to the purchase tab on our website and make your purchase.

Your ANNUM 366 Tokens will be available to be redeemed and you will be repaid your initial purchase value, plus 25%. If you purchased 1 ANNUM 366 Token, then you will receive the equivalent value of 1.25 ANNUM 366 Tokens, in Tether. When this happens, you will have earned a return of 25% on your initial purchase of ANNUM 366 Tokens. There are network fees, known as gas, which will be charged to you during the purchase and redemption process. These fees are not controlled by us, and should remain low. This was one of our reasons for selecting the Ethereum Smart Chain. Once you have converted your ANNUM 366 Token(s) to Tether you may use them in any way that you see fit, including purchasing additional ANNUM 366 Tokens, if you are happy with your ANNUM 366 Token experience.

Each purchase (single ANNUM 366 Token or more) will have an associated maturity date. You can verify this date in the Redeem tab, on our website, but this date will always be exactly 366 days after the date of purchase of each ANNUM 366 Token. The number of days before your ANUM 366 Token can be redeemed is also shown on our website, once you have linked and accessed your wallet.

You will be paid out in Tether (USDT) which is the stablecoin currency that runs on the Ethereum network. USDT are transferrable across all the major crypto currency networks and can easily be converted into Bitcoin or Ethereum using the Coinbase Exchange.

The ANNUM 366 business is owned by Rendez-Vous Management Limited, a company registered in the Republic of the Seychelles.

There is nothing illegal about purchasing or redeeming ANNUM 366 Tokens. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are compliant with all tax regulations and anti-money laundering provisions in the jurisdiction where you purchase and redeem ANNUM 366 Tokens. If we become aware of any purchases that we feel are suspicious, we reserve the right to redeem your ANNUM 366 Token for the original purchase price and to terminate your smart contract. We do not have the resources to validate each ANNUM 366 Token purchaser’s identity, which is why we are only accepting Tether as payment for ANNUM 366 Tokens. Tether stable coins are available from the Coinbase Exchange and we are relying on Coinbase or other exchanges such as Binance to validate the ownership and purchase of Tether.

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